Earth Temple Revelations

From Dr. Anthony Hodge (Criminologist)

1. Only Narcissus Cures Narcosis, either is Deadly.

2. People who don't have Patience soon become One.

3. Missions without Focus are only Hocus Pocus.

4. What appears to be Hodge Podge for some may be Camouflage for others.

5. It is better to be caught between a rock and a hard place than Iraq and Iran.

6. A Porcupine said to a Perched Leopard, better look before your Leap.

7. When deciding one's lifestyle, remember if it ain't True, it ain't You.

8. A true leader must be revered by the Holy and feared by the Wicked. Then and only then are We an Earth Templar.

9. He Who likes his Salad Tossed sooner wears the Dressing.

10. A Genius who stops learning becomes a Fool.

11. If you Wipe it or Shake it more than three times, you're Playing with It.

12. A Fool who learns is wiser than a Genius who forgets.


Equations for Human Behavior